Product stewardship

Rio Tinto Minerals' product stewardship policy is designed to ensure that our products are safe and environmentally responsible. Our commitment to product stewardship has helped us establish a reputation for reliability and vigilance among customers, regulators and neighbors alike.

We follow exacting procedures to ensure that our products meet or exceed all relevant safety requirements at every stage. These procedures include:

  • Sampling and testing ores and finished products to analyze their composition, quality and safety
  • Investing in safe, reliable equipment as well as monitoring and encouraging safe workplace behaviours
  • Taking health, safety and environmental impacts into consideration when developing new products and applications
  • Developing and disseminating safety information for people who work with our products at every stage in the supply chain

These procedures are subject to regular audits by internal and independent experts.

In addition, we commission independent research to advance our understanding of the health effects and environmental impacts of our products.

Download Rio Tinto Minerals Product Stewardship Policy [PDF: 57 KB]