Business overview

Rio Tinto Minerals is the world's leading provider of refined borates, a critical ingredient in hundreds of products including glass, fiberglass, ceramics, fertilizers, wood preservatives, detergents and many others.

Through Borax, our century old borates business, we operate mining, refining and shipping facilities on four continents and maintain a global network of warehouses and stock points. Our researchers and specialists also work to advance borate science, pioneering new products and applications that harness the many properties of this uncommonly versatile resource.

Demand for our products is fueled by a variety of factors, including rising standards of living and rapid urbanization, energy efficiency trends, and more productive and sustainable farming practices. Global demand is forecast to continue growing well into the future.

Rio Tinto Minerals mines approximately three million tons of borate ore every year from our two mile long mine in California's Mojave Desert, one of the richest borate deposits on earth, as well as from mines in Argentina. We produce roughly a million tons of refined borate products every year from our refineries and processing plants - nearly 40 percent of the world's supply.

Our success comes from the high quality and consistency of our products, our reliable supply chain, and the outstanding service we provide our customers. At our operations, we focus on growing capacity while achieving world class safety performance. We are also industry leaders in continuously improving the ways our products and practices contribute to sustainable development.