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Jadar is a significant lithium-borate development project in Serbia with considerable economic potential. Serbian and American geologists working for Rio Tinto discovered the deposit in 2004 near the town of Loznica, approximately 100 kilometers from Belgrade. In 2010, an investment of $27 million was approved to proceed with the next phase of exploration, which focuses on better understanding the deposit and the social and environmental impacts associated with its development.

The Jadar deposit is one of the largest undeveloped lithium sources in the world, with the potential to supply more than 20 per cent of global lithium demand. The lightest metal on earth, lithium is used in a wide array of products, including heat resistant glass and high strength alloys used in aircraft, and it plays a critical role in the battery systems that power hybrid and electric cars.

From the beginning of the project, Rio Tinto has worked closely with the Serbian government and local officials to ensure the project moves forward responsibly and in a manner that benefits surrounding communities.

Download Rio Tinto Minerals Jadar fact sheet [PDF: 2.35 MB]